• o Regional and Global Trade Regime Trainings.
  • o The World Trade organization and dispute settlement process
  • o Multilateral trading systems and relationship with regional integration-ECOWAS,EAC, SADC, COMESA.
  • o Development of EAC, perspective, achievement and challenges.
  • o Best practices and learning points from European Union perspective.
  • o Form of economic integration and phases- PTA, FTA, CU, CM.
  • o Custom union fundamentals; Custom administration, ROO, Tariff regime, NTB, TBT, SPS.
  • o Common-Single Market fundamentals; Free movement of labor, services, capital and right of establishment.
  • o Principal of non-discrimination in trade-MFN, National Treatment
  • o Rules of Market access- NTB, Barrier to trade in services
  • o Rules of unfair trade; Dumping, Subsidies and counter measures
  • o Trade liberalization versus other societal values and interest
  • o Harmonization and standardization of National regulations-TRIPS, TBT and SPS Agreements
  • o Legal aspect of regional integration- community verses National laws

Trade consultancy

  • o Market access taking advantage of bilateral, regional and global trade Agreements and Compliance-AGOA,FTA, EPA
  • o Knowledge and compliance with Technical Barrier to trade (TBT), Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS), Trade Related Aspect to Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and Trade Related Investment Measures (TRIMs)
  • o Goods and services tradable in EAC, COMESA and globally.
  • o Trade Facilitation- custom compliance, technical assistances and capacity building
  • o Origin determination-analysis of product fit to determine eligibility for EAC custom union and other trade regime agreements-AGOA, EPA.
  • o Investor support in trade related laws, regulations, ruling, decisions and agreement in EAC and COMESA.