• Beyond Borders Limited is a newly established company whose partners have over decade of experience and expertise in regional and global trade regime, business development, and strategy formulation, sales and marketing.
  • Beyond Borders Limited was established with the main purpose of promoting trade as a tool for economic growth and poverty reduction in Africa in general and East Africa in particular by increasing African participation in global trade currently around 1% only and inter-Africa trade currently flat at 10%.
  • Beyond Borders Limited objective is to support SME access regional and global markets by taking advantage of non-reciprocal trade agreements e.g. AGOA, bilateral trade agreements, and Multi-lateral trade regimes e.g. WTO. Provide adequate information and training on Technical Barrier to Trade (TBT) Rules of Origin determination, market/product information among others.


    Our vision is a world without borders for free trade in goods and services for prosperity and equality of humanity


    To improve global trade through trade facilitation by lowing cost of goods and services implementing trade agreements and effective accurate tariff management, elimination of Non-Tariff barriers, getting product to the market faster, and creating a predictable national and international trade laws and regimes to support alleviation of poverty in the world.